Cloth Diaper Advocate

Cloth Diaper Advocate

Below is a guest post from my wife about our cloth diaper experience.  I wrote about cloth diapers briefly here, Frugal Strategies for Expecting Parents, but she dives into the nitty gritty.

No affiliate links just links to what we’ve used. Prices referenced may change.

Hope you enjoy!

When I voiced the idea of cloth diapering while pregnant with our daughter, it seemed like everyone was against it and telling me horror stories. It’s a good thing I am stubborn, because I proceeded with the plan and have never looked back.

Here are the items we use and how to make this a reality for your little one.

We registered for Bumgenius Freetime All-In-One One Size cloth diapers ($19.95 each) and Charlie Banana Eco friendly detergent ($18.93). We received about 12 cloth diapers at our shower and then I purchased the rest on Amazon. In total, we have 24 cloth diapers. This way I can wash a load and still have extras to be using while those dry.

We have various colors/designs which we have used with both kids. Obviously, looking back, I would have purchased gender neutral colors only but we do have some pink ones that we use on our son. These diapers are all in one, so no need to fret about inserts and they fit from 8-35 pounds due to the snaps that adjust accordingly!

With that being said, we did have to use disposable diapers for the first 2 months with each kid until they could fit in the cloth diapers.

The cloth diapers are fantastic and so easy to use/clean. Before using the cloth diapers, we washed about 3 times using a small amount of the detergent and then hung dry. Basic washing routine is wash diapers once on cold/delicate cycle and then a normal wash on hot.

We then hang dry ours using this contraption from Ikea, Ikea Pressa Hanging Dryer ($10.25) but you can put them in the dryer if you desire. We hang dry to use the sunlight as a disinfectant.

For stripping, wash once in hot water with Dawn liquid dish detergent (1 teaspoon for high efficiency machines). This process may need to be repeated several times. I strip the diapers when I notice leaking issues. We have used the same diapers for both kids and only used the stripping method a handful of times.

I wash them every other day to avoid smell or absorption issues.

To rinse the diaper after a bowel movement, I use the Bumpkins Cloth Diaper Sprayer ($49.99) which is attached to the toilet and place in a wet/dry bag, Kanga Care Cloth Diaper Wet Bag ($18.99).

We do use a disposables at night because the diapers could not handle 12 hours without soaking our kiddos.

The cloth diapering method was an initial investment of about $325 (12 diapers received as gifts). I would guess we have used 3-4 units of detergent thus far.

Our daughter went from the cloth diapers to potty training. I used cloth diapers at both daycares and no one had issues. They simply put the cloth diaper in the wet/dry bag and I washed at the end of the day.

This has not been a hard process and I would highly recommend to anyone considering this option.

There are various brands of cloth diapers, detergent and wet bags. Below below are the products we chose after researching.

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