Our story goes a little something like this…

A Texas boy meets an Oklahoma girl and the rest is history.

This excerpt from our first ever post, Let’s Get Started, gives you a little background about us.

We’re in our early 30’s with 2 young kids and live in a suburb north of Dallas. I work in insurance and my wife is a physical therapist but currently stays home with the kiddos. We own a home, 2 cars and live a normal, well what we think is normal, middle class lifestyle. We’ve always tried to live within our means and be diligent savers while at the same time having some fun along the way. We live fairly simply and strive for balance!

We don’t consider ourselves to be all that creative and we’re definitely not writers. Nevertheless, we hope to breakdown some of the taboo walls surrounding money and personal finances by sharing our story and journey to FI.

When I first started reading about FI, I thought it was something only single folks or couples that didn’t have or want kids could accomplish. It was hard to imagine saving a ton of money and “retiring early” with a family. Kids are pretty dang expensive, but hey we’re a family, we have 2 kids and we’re on our way to FI. It can be done!

We love to learn and hope opening up to the world on this blog will be a creative outlet that helps us grow and at the same time provides value to you.

Our approach to money is fairly simple. We live within our means and save the rest. We don’t deprive ourselves but recognize what provides value to us and we spend on those things.

The focus of Our F.I. Journey will be about money and FI but we’re also interested in so much more. You’ll see information about other muses such as health, wellness, reading, exercise, sports, family, food, philosophy, the outdoors, traveling, etc. sprinkled in with the money talk.

We hope you stick around and enjoy the stories, information and all that is to come.